A smarter approach to Exchange Traded Funds

Our unique approach helps investors make decisions based on forward-looking measures of investment merit, not just past performance.

Most ETF research is really warmed-over mutual fund analysis that focuses on past performance and fees. We take a totally different approach by evaluating ETFs based on the fundamentals of each underlying constituent. As a result, we can answer the same, critical questions an investor would ask before buying a stock, such as:

  • What are expectations for sales and EPS growth?
  • Are estimates changing as economic conditions do?
  • What's happening on the balance sheet?
  • How is it valued in relation to these fundamentals?

Fundamentally different: Forward-looking.

The result of this fundamentally-driven analysis is a forward-looking view of an ETF based on its investment merit. Ultimately, this enables investors to make better, more informed ETF selections.


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